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As an openly gay attorney, I understand that the LGBT community faces a number of complex issues that require special legal solutions. Whether you need to work around the barriers you confront daily or plan for the future, my experience can protect LGBT couples’ rights and provide you with the help you need.

I assist in many legal services for Michigan same-sex partners, bi-sexual, and transgender individuals including:

Divorce: I provide divorce services for LGBT couples getting out of a previous relationship.

Cohabitation & Domestic Partnership Agreements: These agreements are civil contracts that provide many of the same benefits of a prenuptial agreement for same-sex couples.

Custody Disputes: I can represent you in custody disputes following a previous relationship.

Power of Attorney: This binding document gives one partner the legal guardianship of the other in the event of one partner’s incapacitation and include all the necessary decision-making rights.

Estate Planning: Even though Michigan now allows for marriage equality, same-sex couples still need to be proactive in protecting their relationship, their children, and their finances. I can help you with this.
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