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 It's priceless.

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Peter M. Kulas, Esq.

I was born in Hahn, Germany and lived there for eight years until my father retired from the Air Force and Tucson, Arizona became home.

After receiving my Bachelor's Degree from Arizona State University, I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan and attended Thomas M. Cooley Law School on an academic scholarship.

After surviving three insanely cold winters and falling in love, Grand Rapids became my new home.

The goal of my practice is to take what inspired me to go to law school and make it a reality. I want to go home at night knowing I am making a difference in the world and helping people who might not otherwise have someone to assist them.

I have worked with the ACLU of Arizona, the Kent County Public Defender’s Office, Miller, Canfield, Paddock, & Stone, and for the past three years have operated my own firm. This diverse experience allows me to bring unique perspective and rigor to each and every case I handle.

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